Desktop Repair


Deposit on Rapid repair of your Desktop Computer.

Desktop Repair
Desktop Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Power Supply Replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Hard Drive & Memory upgrades
  • Memory Installations
  • Computer Tuning


Professional Desktop Repair
Rapid Desktop Repair

This is the first step in repairing your  beloved Desktop Computer.  Computer Solutions and Services has a long history of rapid, inexpensive, and satisfactory Computer Repair.  This is a mail-in repair for you Desktop Computer.  This is deposit for the repair of your Desktop Computer.  Upon purchasing this service, you will be provided the following.

  • Packaging and/or Box to ship your Desktop
  • Status Notification of repair via e-mail and/or Text
  • Rapid priority repair Service on your item(s)
  • Final Cost before completion of your Repair
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Service from the premier repair service organization

         Repair Estimates 

  • Simple Virus removal $35 plus return Shipping Fees
  • Highly infected Virus removal $60 plus Shipping Fees
  • Reload of Windows for Corrupted and/or Compromised Windows Computers – $85 plus return shipping Fees
  • Replace Power Supplies – $105 estimate for Power Supply Replacement/Repairs
  • Motherboard Replacement – $160 plus return Shipment Fees
  • First $35 goes off the Final Cost of Repair
  • Testing and Verification of equipment before return shipment
  • Computer Solutions & Services Post-Sale Support





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