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 Welcome to Computer Solutions & Service, the low price high quality leader for computer repair and services.   We find the answers to these questions with incredible speed and accuracy. Our basic analysis fee has set the standard for computer repair for over 12 years in the south suburbs of Chicago.  We have not raised our basic analysis of $25.00 for over 12 years.  Many of our competitors tried to match us, but fell far short of the quality, speed, accuracy of our assessment process and successful repair.  Our analysis process reaps high a success rate because Computer Solutions and Services has documented and trained our staff on the basic principles of information technology, implementation, and utilization.  Simply per-phased, Computer Solutions and Services knows how things are supposed to work.  If the basic differ, remove obstacles and get back to the basics.  This is easier said than done for the unskilled computer professional. However, Computer Solutions and Services is  educated, very skilled and highly successful. Computer and Services is skill level allows us to deliver  economical pricing for our residential and commercial customers

Computer Solutions and Services offers a complete line of computer support services.  We offer yearly support contracts,  Per Incident support, On-site, Remote Access Support  and In-store repair services, and Free Support & Advise to our customers.

 For our classic in-store repair,  Here is how it works at Computer Solutions and Services

Is it Hardware, Software, or Virus?

Basic Service or Analysis Fee - Level I Repair                                       $25

Basic Service or Analysis cover the cost of determining resolution to the major problem with your computer system.   We troubleshoot and complete required tasks to correct and resolve your stated major repair issue. We check your equipment for basic functionality. We provide a written assessment of your computer heath and recommendations.

Advance Repair  - Level II Repair                                                         $50.00

Advanced Repair requires  Computer Solutions and Services to perform detailed and multiple repair actions or clean multiple viruses  from ones computer.  Advanced Repair consists of scanning hard drives for integrity, multiple level virus cleaning, advanced hardware diagnostics, and analysis and research.  Advance repair is technology and time driven.  Multiple issues solved and consulted is considered Advance Repair The majority of our customer repair results in an Advanced Repair.

Basic Minimum Reload of Windows Computer System - Level III       $75
 Basic Minimum Reload of Windows consists of deleting everything on your computer. This guarantees no virus, corrupt or missing critical windows files are present on your computer. Our method of wiping computer systems clean and installing a fresh new copy of windows guarantees the integrity of the customer’s computer. All existing data and programs are removed from the customer’s computer system. Customer's data can be potentially saved from their computer. However, Computer Solutions & Services charges an additional fee to save customer’s data from their computer. Please see Saving Data for further information.


Computer Solutions and Services puts your computer back like when you first purchased your computer. Computer Solutions & Services will uses original manufacturer CD/DVD if available or Genuine Microsoft CD/DVD to restore Customer’s computers. Computer Solutions & Services gets basic functional hardware devices working on Customer’s computer. Basic hardware devices are configured including video card, networking hardware or Internet hardware, and CD/DVD hardware. Customer will be charged additional $15 dollars if software for hardware is not available from computer manufacturer's web site or customer option of purchasing original Manufacture Media. Customer will be notified in advance of this charge. Also, Computer Solutions and  Services can only load software in which Customer has a valid license. Licenses for software is provided via the software manufacturer. Computer Solutions & Services will install licensed software provided by customer.

Full Service of Reload of Windows Computer System              $140

Full Service consists of Computer Solutions and Services completing all basic and recommended services to get your computer configured with the  last hardware and software available for your computer.   Reload of Windows Computer System consists of Basic Reload of Windows, Saving Data, Windows Update, and Virus Protection. Full Service gets your computer running with original speed and closes original software configuration as possible. In addition, full service guarantees your computer has the best-known software configuration to use and protection your computer system. Full service includes all repair options available from Computer Solutions & Services.

Saving Data                                       $25

Saving Data consists of saving information on your computer before deleting the contents of your computer. Generally, Files or data in My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, Desktop, and Internet Explorer Favorites folders are archived from the customer’s computer. These files in the primary user’s account are scanned for viruses and saved off customer computer. Computer Solutions & Services can only save date files such as documents, letters, resumes, music, pictures, and videos. Computer programs or applications cannot be saved. Computer programs or applications must be reinstalled. For example, if Microsoft word was not originally provided on your computer. The Customer must provide the CDs/DVDs to reinstall the software. Furthermore, if base Microsoft Windows installations CDs/DVDs are used, the customer must provide installation disk for any additional software desired. Normally, Computer Solutions & Services can provide base windows operating system software used on customer’s computer. The cost to Save Data is $25.00 for the first five gigabytes of data. The cost is $3.00 per 1 Gigabyte after the first five gigabytes of Data.

Operating Systems Update                 $25

After a reload of a Windows computer, Computer Solutions & Services recommends installing all available updates for your computer. Microsoft periodically provides update for known problems, security problems, and other issues in regard to windows Operating System. Computer Solutions & Services like to all install updates after a Windows reload.

Anti-virus Installation                          $15

Computer Solutions & Services  will install your desired Anti-Virus or install a recommended Anti-Virus for your computers. Comcast and AT&T offers free Anti-Virus  to their customers. Computer Solutions & Services charges $15 dollars to install the virus protection software for you.

Software / Hardware Install consists off addressing more than the primary computer problem with a customer's computer. Computer Solutions & Services will charge this fee for additional work performed on customer's computer. This fee is $15.00.

Software / Hardware Install                $15

Option/Features   Full Service  Basic Service
Install Flash Player   Yes  Yes
Save Data    Yes  No
Windows Updates   Yes  No
Install Adobe Reader   Yes  No
Virus Protection Installed  Yes  No
Reinstall MS Office   Yes  No



Level I -  Analysis Fee or Basic / Simple  Repair


Level II - Advance Repair - Highly Infected Computer


Level III - Highly Infected and Corrupted  Computer or Basic Reload


Full Service (Basic, Saving Data, Operating Systems Updates, Virus Protection


Saving Data 1st 5GB


Saving Data Per GB after 1st 5GB


Operating Systems Update


Install Virsus Protection


Installation of Software or Hardware


Additional Customer Requests




On-Site Customer Site Repair(1st 30 Minutes)


On-Site Customer Site Repair per hour after first Thirty Minutes


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